All I want for Christmas is its music in November


Christi Carras

Seniors Haley Planson and Liam Jones disagree over Christmas music.

By now, it’s usually socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music. It’s December 1st and most students think it’s tolerable to start listening after Thanksgiving.

But clearly, 93.9 MY FM doesn’t agree. The Chicago station famous, or infamous, for playing Christmas music all day long, began playing it on Nov. 16 – well, before Thanksgiving.

While too early for most people, I embraced the mid-November Christmas music. It is indeed music for my ears. It’s hard not to be in a good mood when listening to Christmas music, and it just goes well with the weather.

Even though I do start listening abnormally early, I wouldn’t say it’s due to my overly obsessive love with Christmas. I don’t love the holiday that much, but rather I enjoy the holiday season itself, and all the things that contribute to it.

The snow, the cold weather, the holiday commercials, and the same ten Christmas songs repeated on 93.9, even if they’re covered by all sorts of artists—it’s become somewhat of a tradition.

So, how early is too early for Christmas music?

I believe November 1st is the earliest anybody should be listening. That means jamming to your Pandora Christmas station while doing homework. That does not mean blasting it in the car or in the hallways.

And when it comes to the radio and 93.9, I believe Thanksgiving is the right time. Although it may displease others, it is a nice indicator that the Christmas season has begun, and come on, who doesn’t want to hear Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”?