Central on Ferguson: aftermath of a controversial ruling


Christi Carras

Bryte Bu, junior, stands in front of articles regarding the Ferguson case.

In the months following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the United States was plunged into a series of protests and debates over the issue of racial discrimination. In the past week, officer Darren Wilson was acquitted from all charges in the shooting by the Grand Jury decision. Throughout the United States, riots have broken out in response.

With all the controversy surrounding the ruling, students from Central have also voiced their opinions.

“The trial went through a lot of evidence,” said Ian Ferguson, a senior. “Forensic, medical, and other things were all considered in the process. I think the court’s decision was the right one. The riots that broke out afterwards were really unnecessary.”

Besides voicing his opinion, Ferguson also commented on the possible reforms that may follow.

“We’ll probably see a change in the police force. Hopefully, we will see more review in police policy. Things like badge cams, gun safety…” Ferguson said.

Another student also voiced a similar opinion to the situation in Ferguson.

“I thought the ruling was fair overall,” said Max Bartuch, junior. “Darren Wilson obviously needed to defend himself. Forensic evidence pointed that out. I don’t think this ruling has anything to do with racism or would necessarily call for police reform.”

One of the biggest issues generated by the shooting and subsequent ruling was the accusation of racial discrimination.

“I thought the ruling was just,” said Jimmy Lee,  junior. “There seemed to be enough evidence. However, I think racism is definitely still a huge issue in the United States. I mean, talking about things like the glass ceiling, racism still plays a big role. I don’t really see race being a problem here at Central. It’s simply not tolerated.”

Overall, it seems that many have the opinion that the Ferguson ruling was indeed justifiable. While opinions may differ, it is evident that students here at Central are very aware of the current events and issues that may affect the years to come. It is also the hope of many students that the turmoil surrounding the case will resolve peacefully in the near future.