Should Hinsdale Central close if there is a flu outbreak?

Bryte Bu, junior, sneezes as the flu spreads around Central.

Nina Demirjian

Bryte Bu, junior, sneezes as the flu spreads around Central.

As we get closer to the winter holidays, we must remember to protect ourselves from the cold. Just recently, Nazareth High School had to be closed due to an unfortunate outbreak of the flu. Even here at Central, more students seem to be getting sick.

This raises a valid question: Should Hinsdale Central be closed if enough kids get sick? Closing the school for a few days could pose a setback for sport teams and for students academically. However, if enough students get sick due to infectious diseases, then it is probably in the best interest of all who attend Central to close the school. Health is the one of the most important thing for a student to have.

A few students have also voiced their opinions on the whole situation.

“I did hear about some schools closing down in Illinois, but I’m not exactly sure which ones,” said Tommy Gruchala, a junior. “I would be concerned with some of the recent cases of flu outbreaks in the area, but not too worried. I make sure to watch what I touch and what I eat.”

“Central probably should close if hit by a flu epidemic,” said Jasper Brown, a junior. “If one or two kids get the flu, and they spread it to one or two more kids, then it wouldn’t take long for a ton of kids to get sick. The worst part of a virulent diseases is that it causes kids to miss a ton of schoolwork.”

Besides just students’ inputs, one nurse had some opinions as well.

“There has definitely been a surge in kids with flu-like symptoms,” said Cecelia Littlefield, a school nurse at Central. “The flu is definitely one of the biggest concerns right now. At this point, Central absolutely should not close. However, if it gets to the point, we would notify the DuPage Health Department for instructions. In the meantime, students should try and protect themselves from the flu by eating balanced meals, eating healthy foods, washing hands, and getting at least eight-ten hours of sleep every night.”

The students also had their own similar suggestions for staying healthy.

“I see a lot of habits that can cause people to get really sick. Kids chew on their nails, forget to cover their sneezes, or don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom,” Gruchala said.

“People can easily protect themselves by washing their hands. Also, don’t breathe on other people if you’re sick,” Brown said.

In these last few weeks before the end of the semester, staying healthy is vital. Many students can simply not afford to be sick before finals. However, if the flu does become a potential threat to the student body, perhaps it would be best if Central closed down for a bit.