Let them eat ONE SLICE of cake: Central celebrates its 135th birthday


While Central celebrates its 135th birthday, it would seem appropriate that Central throw a celebration to commemorate over a century of academic and athletic excellence. To put it in perspective, this school is more than half as old as this nation. What better way to celebrate than cake? However, not everyone got to participate in the festivities.

In the seventh period lunch period, only a small fraction of students received cake. In earlier lunch periods, some kids received two or three portions of the cake. While the cake itself is not important, violating a promise that all kids will receive cake seems almost insulting.

Even in this tenth period Journalism class, only about half of the students received cake. The whole cake situation was mishandled from the beginning, when Class Board members were tasked with the impossible mission of making sure every student got exactly one piece of cake. The natural chaos and disorganization of the lunchroom scene made portioning errors inevitable. Some students took advantage of the lunchroom atmosphere, going up to different board members for seconds, even thirds.

An event created to celebrate the school and the student body instead highlighted greed and error. We celebrate those who received and stopped at one piece of cake, chastise those who abused their school and their classmates for a little extra cake, and apologize to those in later lunch periods who never even got the chance to make the moral decision. This school deserves more than this. We can only hope that the next big birthday will be celebrated with more consistency, more morals, and more cake.