Save the superlatives


Senior Superlatives, run by the Devils’ Advocate Print staff, dominate the school every Spring. At the end of the year, the current senior class looks forward to walking in the cafeteria to see rows of white paper, each with a different title.

However this year, the administration censored superlatives that have been used in previous years. Examples being “Most Likely to be a Hinsdale Mom,” and “Hottest Guy/Girl.” Although these categories are somewhat controversial, they’ve always been student favorites. Do the administrators really have the right to censor superlatives?

Personally, I understand where the administrators are coming from. “Most Likely to be a Hinsdale Mom” may seem funny to some, but actually being nominated in the category might rub students the wrong way since they each have negative connotations. Nonetheless, students still have the opportunity to accept or deny their nominations. So, if they don’t like what they’re nominated for, they don’t actually have to be put on the list.

So, if the only argument to censoring the superlatives is offending the kids who are nominated in the certain categories, it’s a moot point. They’re called Senior Superlatives for a reason. We, as students, have the right to chose our superlatives.