The struggle of school technology


School WiFi has caused many connectivity problems making it difficult for students and teachers to access the internet.

I’m sure many of you have tried to sign into your school account and been met with “Error: Username or Password Incorrect” (even after checking and double checking that your password is correct) or “Could not Connect to Server, Please Try Again Later.” Oh, and the classic ‘spinning wheel of death’ when you try to log in on the school computers. Yes, this is the struggle of the school network that many students and teachers have endured.

Now, granted, the network is a great resource and it does work sometimes, but most of the time…it doesn’t…and that’s not convenient. The struggle of the school network is one thing that students and teachers can see eye to eye on.

Science teacher, Mr. Wollschlaeger said that, “Teachers specifically, we’ve had a serious problem getting online, so the WiFi connectivity has been really low, and I think that complaint is also mirrored by the students.”

Junior, Mimi Wilkemeyer finds that with the new network, it’s more difficult to navigate through teachers’ websites since they’re not all on one point of access.

“There are so many different teacher websites that it’s hard to keep track of,” Wilkemeyer said.

There is a serious connectivity problem at school, it takes forever to log onto the laptops and desktops at school, and once you’re logged in, it takes an even longer time to get onto the internet.

I mean, if I’m trying to print my English essay in the morning, it’s not ideal to have to wait 5 minutes for the computer to log on and then wait another 5 minutes to open Google Chrome and then wait to log onto Google Docs. I’d rather just quickly log on, get on the internet, and print my essay, but sadly, the technology at school does not permit this.

The school WiFi and technology is something everyone in the school has to endure, but it remains as a major struggle that nobody wants to or should have to.