aBUNdance of man buns


Alex Herbst

Senior Spencer Garnett sports the latest trend to hit men’s hair: the man bun.

I, just like every other girl, wake up every morning and look in the mirror. I have a pretty big decision ahead of me, I have to commit to a hairstyle for the next seven hours of school. I can curl, straighten, crimp, braid, half-up half-down, ballerina bun or on a bad day, lululemon headband and a high pony. Guys however, they have it easy. They wake up and look in a mirror and they just wonder why they are up so early, throw on a baseball cap and call it a day. So unfair right. That was until,  flow became a ‘thing’. Flow, according to the urban dictionary, includes wavy, long or curly hair. Guys that opt for the flow now face the same decisions we do. What are they to do with their hair? Well,  the most current  style of choice is, THE MAN BUN.  It is becoming a phenomenon sported by, athletes, celebrities and buzzfeed articles alike. It is seen on countless instagram posts like “Cinnamanbuns”  or using #manbunmonday.

This trend, just like every other trend, has made its way to HCHS and it is here to stay.  After talking with a few guys at Central it is clear that the man bun is the closest way for guys to finally respect and understand the effort that girls go through to maintain proper hair care. Senior and football player Luke Lagor for example was amazed at the sheer amount of hair that is lost and pulled as an outcome from the man bun.  He now can understand the pain, hair dents and other traumas that our hair goes through in just one day. After talking to other athletes this trend continued: Guys that can rock the man bun are able to relate first hand that with fun, trendy hairstyles comes a lot of effort and hair maintenance that’s worth it. Wells Douraghy , a junior and varsity soccer player and, man bun enthusiast agrees.

“[Man buns] are the perfect way to contain the luscious locks in any situation and the ladies dig them,” Douraghy said.

He is right, some days just call for a bun to keep the mane out of the way. Not only does the man bun create a common way of life between men and women but they are just plain fun. Take a look at any of the celebrities that rep the man bun on the red carpet like Jared Leto or teen heart throb, Harry Styles. They have led this coiffure into a revolution. The world of Hollywood now has more buns than a bakery and the styles are endless.

According to ManBunStyles.net, there are countless fashions, including, “the full manbun, half man bun, high bun, pony bun and of course the Jesus man bun featuring a beard”.

The Internet is full of entertaining uses for this hot trend. Marie Claire Magazine for example, has quizzes to guess if it’s a woman’s bun or a ‘mun’, Buzzfeed has many articles about the Man Buns of Disneyland and Man Buns or Bread Buns, or my personal favorite, the instagram account with the handle Cinnamanbuns where celebrities muns are photoshopped into cinnabuns. All of these ‘Bro-Knots’ that flood our feeds only emphasize the popularity and unity that is created behind this style.

The overwhelming response this trend has should be capitalized on. Man bun haters need to understand that they offer a new approach to a guy’s understanding of how much work goes into female hair preparation. Let us all applaud those at Central that can be spotted ‘manbunning’ in the halls.