Interpreting your dreams


Libby McCarthy

Junior Emily Tomkinson debates taking a nap on the floor, but fears what dreams she may endure. Libby McCarthy and Zach Wols analyze some strange nightmares from students.

Ever find yourself wondering what your nightmares or dreams mean? No need to buy one of those analytical dream books written by professionals. All you need is expertise from self-proclaimed dream experts, Zach and Libby, also known as Zibby!


The Sumo Gem- Magdalene Halikias, 17


This nightmare obviously stems from a very traumatizing experience you had at sumo wrestler camp. This dream definitely began as a fever dream from when you ate too much sushi one night at said sumo wrestler camp. However, you may not remember attending sumo wrestler camp because of the severe head trauma you faced there.

The gems are a symbol for your various hopes and dreams. You have experienced failure in gathering your hopes and dreams, so you must have an obese and blind sumo wrestler as incentive to get you to gather these aspirations.


Three Quarters- Torie Chiaramonte, 17



The reason you have three quarters is because that’s the amount of money you have made in real life. You convince yourself that this is wealth because you just want to buy so many silly bands.

The cones of mud are symbols of your fear of the cone shape. You have clearly seen too much of this shape in ACT prep and you’re just sick and tired of trying to find the area of cones.

Finally the sharks clearly represent your fear of corporate America and the corporate sharks involved. You fear that you will become a part of the machine and let the man hold you down. NEVER LET THE MAN HOLD YOU DOWN!