Talia Sankari

Photo illustration provided by Zach Wols and Riley Kowalski

Almost as bad as slow walkers, looking left to right in the hallways and seeing multiple couples showing a public display of affection (PDA) is not exactly the highlight of a student’s day. At Central, seeing PDA is a daily occurrence for students leaving most with pleads for it to stop.

A majority of students feel that PDA is unnecessary and should be kept for private situations. Frankie Baredda, junior, summed PDA up with one word: “Ew.”

For some poeple, PDA can be scarring.

“There was an incident where people were making out on my locker and now I’m scared to go back,” said Emma Lindsey, junior.

Personally, I feel that holding hands in the hallway is enough to show affection but not gross people out around you. On my route to my classes I see many couples being a little too close for comfort; honestly, I’m just trying to go to class, not see people all over each other left and right.

PDA is prominent outside of school, too. In today’s world revolving around social media, you can’t escape the constant pictures, snapchat stories, and tweets about the latest updates about what couple A is doing or what couple B did. 

Showing affection is only natural, but when you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are in public (especially in school), please restrain yourselves for the benefit of the people around you.