Hillary vs Donald in The Final Debate

The series of presidential debates came to a close in Las Vegas on Oct. 19.

Photo courtesy of NBC News

The series of presidential debates came to a close in Las Vegas on Oct. 19.

The three presidential debates came to a close on Oct. 19, and the debate proved to be just as heated as expected, but most say moderator Chris Wallace did the best job of making the candidates focus on the issues. There’s always two sides to who people think won the debate, and with that, comes our last installment of Hillary vs. Donald in the debates.


With this election season coming to an over due and reliving end, this last debate will do very little to actually change anyone’s mind, but with that, there was still a winner, and I believe that winner to be Hillary Clinton.

The primary reason that I believe that Hillary Clinton won the Debate was due to the fact that she remained calm and mature throughout the majority of the debate unlike Donald Trump. She upheld a level of presidential decorum that just could not be seen from Trump. He constantly interrupted and would say things that were just blatantly false. in fact, according to thestar.com, Trump made a total of 37 false statements in the final debate.This lack of maturity and excess of false statements has been exemplified throughout all of the debates and it continued here.

Additionally, and most importantly, was the substance of the answers that Clinton gave relative to Trump’s. She had a lot more facts and statistics to back up her claims. She was also able to use her experience as secretary of state and a U.S. senator to back her up. Her strong use of factual evidence was evident from the very beginning with the question about abortion, while Trump refused to even answer the question relating to his personal stance on upholding Roe v. Wade. He said what he knew the justices he would appoint would do, but not him personally, which is very important to a voter in deciding whop they want to run the country. In the same discussion about abortion, Trump made claims about the logistics of abortion that had zero basis in reality about a fetus being ripped from a mother a few days before birth.

Trump constantly deflected questions off of himself and onto to Secretary Clinton. Now, I am fully aware that both candidates do this fairly often, however, Trump does this far more frequently as there is much more ammunition that he needs to deflect. Whenever the idea of his comments against women came up he would immediately try to shy away from the question and bring up a Clinton scandal. In a president we need someone who can tackle their scandals head on, as Secretary Clinton does constantly with her email scandal. Even if she does attempt to avoid talking about it, she still has the decency to provide us not only with a sold answer, but more importantly, an apology.


The third and final presidential debate came with a whirlwind of expectations ranging from more depth on Trump’s tapes and Hillary’s most recent email leaks, to a desperate need to hear actual policy ideas. As with the other debates, I feel Donald Trump outdid Hillary Clinton with his ability to recall her faults and her failure to make cohesive excuses, as well as making clearer points on his vision for America.

The debate style was the most favorable thus far and the questions were very revealing of both candidates. Trump immediately began strong with his positions on upholding the second amendment, and actually answered the question, which greatly surrounds this election.

Moving into the hot topic of immigration, Trump also demonstrated strength in both knowing his position and undermining Clinton’s. Clinton seemed like she was trying too hard to make connections by bringing up artificial examples, and Trump pointed out that she previously agreed with him on the potential of building a wall. He also articulated his plans to speed up the citizenship process for people who choose to do it legally. In addition, Trump pointed out Clinton’s statements on wanting open borders, as revealed in a recent WikiLeak, which she tried to divert attention from and instead brought the question an entirely new route.

The economy section was similar to points made in the first debate, however Trump’s plan of lowering taxes as opposed to raising them and focusing on domesticating the currently foreign-dominated jobs and funds seemed more focused than Clinton’s tax raises and vision of debt-free college without an answer where the funds would come from. Clinton emphasized her years of experience in government and politics, but Trump turned this on her by pointing out she had plenty of time to do everything she claims to want, and it is telling that she hasn’t.

The conclusion of the debate continued with the malicious tendencies of both candidates through the past weeks. Trump made good points on needing to re-focus foreign strategies, especially by making them more covert. Clinton also was called out on her acceptance of money from countries like Saudi Arabia, who practice oppression, and other revelations like the violence invited by her campaign at his rallies, and the sensitive nature of the 33,000 emails she criminally destroyed.

While I felt the debate overall went in Trump’s favor, he certainly did have faults. His continuously controversial rhetoric such as “bad hombres” and “nasty woman” is un-presidential and frustrating to hear. He was also greatly hurt by his refusal to agree to the acceptance of the election results, and continuously calling Clinton “wrong” without further proof.

As the Republican nominee, Trump deserves to be looked at with an unbiased eye while watching the debates. Overall, I feel that Trump has better policy and a more honest history that was demonstrated through the discussion, and has more capability to be successful as president.