Prom dress frenzy


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Senior girls are already on the search for a Prom dress even though it’s on April 28.

It isn’t even February, and girls are already looking for their perfect prom dress. With the event nearing in April, the prom frenzy has begun. But why do people find the need to shop so early for their prom night look? Why stress so much over it, when it’s only one night? Why is prom even such a big deal? It’s just a regular night, with some dancing and some music. Slow your roll speed racers.

“I don’t know how people find the time to go in depth shopping for prom dresses this early,” said Subha Sivakumar, senior. “I can barely decided what to wear tomorrow morning.”

And Sivakumar’s got a point. By the time you choose your dress, you’ll be overthinking every aspect of your outfit. I bet you’ll return it within the first week of buying it. That’s why, there’s really no reason to be looking so early.

What you find now won’t be much better than what you find in a month or two. There is no advantage to finding dresses this early on, other than possibly getting a different style. Dresses will also be less expensive and more catered to prom toward the approach of prom season.

But some girls like to get a look at the dresses, before others can take their ideas. In a way, this approach is reasonable.

“Usually girls get them early so that two people don’t get the same dress,” said Taylor Reinhardt, senior. “My friends have been stressing me out because I still haven’t claimed mine.”

Magdalene Halikias
Senior girls are currently experiencing the frenzy that is prom dress shopping. While some seniors already have their dresses ready to go, most senior girls are still frantically searching for them even though prom is months away.

And others just like the thought of dressing up. The chance to dress up this nicely only comes every so often, and people take the opportunity to look their best.

“I started looking for my perfect dress in my mind and I just kept getting more and more excited,” said Mackenzie Huber, senior. “I got my dress at Peaches, and it is great.”

Just remember, prom is not about what you wear. What you wear won’t make it more fun. So dress to impress, but don’t overthink it.