Spread your donations to hurricane relief


Courtesy of Associated Press

People of Houston attempt to evacuate after Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall on Aug. 26.

Throughout the beginning of September, the U.S. has been ravaged by two large hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey, mainly affecting Texas, and Hurricane Irma, mainly affecting Florida.

Both hurricanes have collectively caused more than an estimated $300 billion in damages, exceeding the price of Hurricane Katrina. Unaffected people witnessing these events are trying to find a way to help.

Courtesy of CNN
A man reunites with his dog after the traumatic experience for both of them.

There are many ways to assist those in need, and every penny helps. However, in these times of need, there is always a huge influx of donations to charities, and while they help, the money eventually runs out. Because of this, I suggest spreading your donations out. For example, instead of donating $50 now, donate $25 now and $25 in a month or two.

Many believe that donations should go to smaller organizations or individual people because it expedites the time it takes for the money to reach those in need. However, larger organizations ensure the credibility of the organization and that the donation is put to good use.

Here are some great places to donate:

  1. The American Red Cross – The Red Cross is an organization that helps all people in any situation across the U.S. They are known for blood donations, but they also have a huge hand in natural disaster recovery.
  2. United Way– United Way is a large group of volunteers that have organizations all over the U.S. They help with education, poverty, health, and whatever events affect the U.S. at that point in time, such as natural disasters.
  3. UNICEF USA– UNICEF is a charity that is dedicated to helping the world’s children in crisis. They help with injustice as well as disaster relief.
  4. Habitat for Humanity– Habitat for Humanity builds homes for those in need around the globe. Many are left homeless after hurricanes, and they help rebuild lives. We even have a Habitat for Humanity club at our school.
  5. ASPCA– The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is known for its sad and persuasive commercials. However, they make a huge impact on animals’ lives after hurricanes and other natural disasters. Pets are not the first to be rescued, and many animals are forgotten in the aftermath. Donations to places like the ASPCA help get them out of danger. 


Any of these charities will put your money to good use after the disasters this season. Use your money wisely, and make sure to distribute it to reputable charities over a large span of time in order to aide those in need.