The dangers of celebrities and politics


Courtesy of The Atlantic

Oprah presents her acceptance speech at the 75th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 7, which prompted many of her supporters and fans to encourage her to run for president.

Recently, it has become popular to take to social media and show support for a celebrity to run for president in 2020; specifically, many are calling upon Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has spoken to say that she is seriously considering running for president. This is a reaction to her supportive Golden Globe speech that featured faint political messages littered throughout her nine minutes on stage. She made a variety of points, from feminism to the press.

Courtesy of Twitter user @2020Oprah
An Oprah political fanpage has already made a campaign logo.

I mostly believe this has become such a large phenomena because of the nationwide distaste for our current president, Donald Trump. Some members of the public are sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting for the end of these four years, already looking for nominees to save us from our current political standings. According to FiveThirtyEight, less than 40 percent of the population is satisfied with how President Trump is using his position.

However, electing Oprah is not going to solve anything. I understand the idea of trying to find political leaders that aren’t politicians because overall, politicians can be perceived as corrupt and selfish. But, politicians are the only people prepared to lead a country, with the wants of the people in mind.

Oprah may seem smart, and that’s because she is. She studied at Tennessee State University on a full scholarship. Does that make her presidential material? Not necessarily. She studied communications, a perfect major for where she finds herself today as a public figure.

People choose these types of candidates because they seem more personable than politicians. They’re just like us. But they aren’t at all. According to Time, Oprah has a net worth of $2.8 billion. I have to say, that’s most likely not just like you. The same source says President Trump has nearly the exact same net worth at $3.1 billion.

Granted, I know nothing about Oprah’s political views. From her speech, she seems to lean liberal. But, just because someone has an understanding of political issues and a platform to spread their views, doesn’t mean they deserve to be in power. Winfrey and Trump have something in common, they aren’t suited to be president. They don’t have any experience or knowledge in the area that qualifies them. The only reason these two people have so much power is they have a large following.

We elect a president to lead us, to represent us, and to make decisions for us. We shouldn’t trust someone that does not understand our lives or live like us. The president represents us all; they represent the billionaires and those who live paycheck-to-paycheck. That’s why he or she should be knowledgeable and relatable to the masses. Sure, that may be hard to find, but you definitely won’t be finding someone like that among celebrity billionaires.