How to win a school election


Michaela Malec

There was a variety of posters throughout the school. Many candidates used something funny, like popular memes, on their posters to try and gain votes. Miscimarra chose to make a cardboard cutout of himself as well.

Walking through the halls during election season is always an interesting experience. When I say election season, I mean executive board and class board elections, not presidential elections, of course. Every candidate dedicates ample time to create campaign posters, which are then littered throughout the school in encouragement to vote.

For me, voting day is really tough, because I usually don’t know many of the candidates. I know of them, sure, but I never know who to vote for.

That’s why the campaigning is key. For some, your choice for voting is simple: you vote for your friends. But for most, the campaigning is the only thing pushing you towards one candidate or the other. Who gave you candy? Who had a cool video? Who had funny posters?

Michaela Malec
Posters for the elections were hung up all over the school.

With class board elections coming up on Wednesday, March 7, here are some helpful strategies for those who are running from those who know the process well.

“A weakness of some of the other candidates is they didn’t campaign to all grades,” said Eric Miscimarra, elected executive board president for the 2018-2019 school year. “This election could be voted on by all grades, so I was sure to campaign to underclassmen.”

You are most likely going to vote for the name you recognize or have seen most in the halls. For the candidates, it requires a great deal of time to do this. You need to make posters, a video, and recruit friends who will post on Instagram and hand out candy in their classes for you.

One of the most crucial parts of getting your name out there in a school election is the campaign video. Alex Choi, current executive board president, used multiple videos while campaigning last year to grab the student body’s attention. Basic knowledge of videography is almost required if you want to win, or you have to at least know someone who does. Additionally, you need to get your friends and classmates to promote it for you. Obviously.

The basic necessity of running for office and winning at school is putting in the time. If you put in the time, the school will see that and take that into consideration. Miscimarra spent upwards of 10 hours in preparing for the election.

“I don’t think that [the election is affected by popularity]. The students recognize the work the students put in,” said Mrs. Sally Phillip, activities director.

So, if you’re considering running for a position at the school, put in the work. Your classmates will appreciate you showing how much you want to win this election. Additionally, be vocal to your potential voters to push them over the edge to click your name on the ballot.