Run, everyone, run

While the joke ‘Run, Forrest, Run’ is sometimes used to poke fun at someone running wildly as seen in the film Forrest Gump, the physical activity of running actually brings about many health benefits even for those who are not cross country or track athletes.

Running can arguably solve a lot of mental and physical problems occuring in teenage students. The health benefits range all the way from releasing stress and producing endorphins to speeding up the metabolism of students.

Running releases a waterfall of endorphins into your body which numb stress and anxiety along with enhancing the immune system for proficient performance. Exercise has an effect where the mind mimics how the body feels. When you run the endorphins act as natural painkillers to stimulate the brain cells and bring you inner happiness.

“I notice changes in my mood when I don’t run and sometimes when I’m feeling stressed out I take a run and it relaxes me,” said Brandon Belgrad, varsity track athlete.

Students find that when they spend their negative energy on exercising they feel relief and are better able to focus when they come back to their school work. The main function of PE classes is to not only improve the physical health of students but it overall effects their mental health by keeping their brains sharp and clear for the tasks of their day.

If you are having a stressful day, take a run. If you are sad, take a run. If you can’t focus, take a run. The best way to handle stress is by finding alternatives to becoming overwhelmed and exercise is a great place to start. Through exercising you allow your body to breathe again and gain back focus taken away by stress. A simple solution to leading a happy and healthy life is solving your problems by taking a run.