New gym uniform policy limits clothing choices


Michalea Halikias

In my Group Exercise class, students now wear T-shirts affiliated with Hinsdale Central.

After arriving back at school this year, any student can see that a few major changes were put in action since last spring. For example, each student has a Chromebook, many classes now use Canvas instead of Google Classroom, and there is now a new policy regarding physical education (PE) uniforms.

Previously, PE students could wear any T-shirt of their choosing along with athletic shorts or pants. Now, students must wear a T-shirt affiliated with Hinsdale Central as well as athletic shorts or pants with no buttons or zippers.

In my opinion, the new policy is a clever way to get students to participate in PE class more, although it will be somewhat irritating to have to change for gym every day when previously I could wear sweatshirts and other types of shirts that I had worn to school that day.

Michalea Halikias
Examples of T-shirts that would be acceptable to wear to gym class.

In my Group Exercise class last year, we were addressed many times because many students did not change for gym and would wear sweaters, blouses, or other non-athletic clothes to participate.

By requiring students to wear T-shirts affiliated with Hinsdale Central, it is a way for the teachers to enforce more participation because when students are wearing the clothes that they wore to school, they might not feel as pressured to participate fully.

“Students can wear black, gray, white, or red [T-shirts],” said Mrs. Lisa Tazelaar, PE teacher. “They can be Hinsdale Central shirts or just that plain color.”

Last year, a rumor was circulating that students would go back to having actual gym uniforms, like the ones some students had to wear in middle school.

“I like the gym uniform [policy] at Central better than [Hinsdale Middle School] because you get to choose what shirts you can wear, instead of having a set uniform that you have to wear every day,” said Francesca Rimbos, freshman. “Even though there aren’t a ton of options for shirts, it’s still better.”

However, many students are understandably upset at this new policy because it limits their shirt choices in gym clothes and the fact that sweatshirts and other articles of clothing are no longer allowed.

“I liked the gym uniform policy better last year because a lot of the T-shirts that I own aren’t Hinsdale Central spirit wear,” said Kristin Moser, senior. “I also don’t like how we have to change every day now.”

To find out more about the new uniform policy, ask a gym teacher or someone in the Athletic Office.