How early is too early?


When should you decorate your house for the holidays?

When is the appropriate time to decorate for the holidays?

Every year, one of the most heated debates around the holidays is when to start decorating. A survey was sent out to students at Hinsdale Central High School, asking for their opinions on the matter. After a little over 150 responses, most agreed that any time after Thanksgiving makes the most sense. 

As seen in the graph above, the most common result (with just about 40% of the responses) was to decorate right after Thanksgiving, the runner up being the first day of December. The lowest number of responses was tied between decorating on Thanksgiving day and decorating super last minute. 

It seems that the most reasonable time to put up the tree and wreath (according to Hinsdale Central students) is right after Thanksgiving, the same time as ( Hinsdale/Clarendon Hills town decorations go up.) It also appears that most people don’t want to decorate super early or late, and they don’t want to do anything on actual holidays, with each of those answers having close to 3% of voters answers to the poll. 

Will this settle the ever going debate? Probably not, but at least now it is known that generally decorations go up right after Thanksgiving!