Respect should be of the utmost importance to everyone. 


“This is against the Civil Rights Act of 1965,” one responded. 

“This is just like Brown v. The Board of Education. This is discrimination,” another retaliated. 

“Making my child wear a mask is child abuse,” a final retorted.

These are some of the many harsh comments my mom has endured from community members regarding masks and the racism they believe could never happen in their schools. Working in Human Resources is her day job, yet she often comes home saying she has never heard things so appalling come from those she has much respect for. As Board President, her job is to listen to community members when an issue arises in order to make changes in our district or our community. It is hard to do so when those same community members are biting the hand that feeds them. 

A Chicago Tribune article stated that because of these repeated outbursts, security presence at these board meetings has increased. Every time my mother returns from a meeting, I am stunned to hear of another person who sent the diversity trainer a death threat or a nasty email with racial slurs. I am nothing but dumbfounded when I hear someone who quotes the Civil Rights Act over a mask mandate that was implemented for their own health. If they put the same energy into getting up on that podium and screaming at the top of their lungs to learn how to handle themselves in a civilized manner, this would not be an issue. 

My mother, someone who I truly admire, often comes home from these meetings crying about how ignorant and rude some of your neighbors, or even your own parents can be. At Hinsdale Central, we are taught how to carry ourselves in a well mannered fashion, speak in a respectful tone, and not be offended by those whose opinions differ from ours. Yet, it is evident the parents who argue they have these ideals do not practice what they preach.

This issue is not going to be swept under the rug. I do not comprehend how we can spread hate  and not kindness. There is no time to waste. Those on the other side often argue how their way is the only way to “make a change”.  Even though our opinions may differ, we all need to realize the only true way to be heard is by carrying yourself with respect and regard for others. The passion one has on a topic is not based on foul language, screaming, or making a scene some of these parents often do at the board meetings in order to “prove their point”. If you compose an email, or step in front of the podium with respect, there is no doubt in my mind that this issue would be less prevalent. Respect should be of the utmost importance to everyone.