College tuition must be lowered

Student Loan debt is starting to become one of the leading issues affecting the younger generations today. Student loan debt has reached more than 1.7 trillion dollars across the country, according to an article published by the Council on Foreign Affairs.

This issue is starting to take notice because of the exponential increase in total debts over the past years. Many students are acquiring more debt than they can handle because college tuition is becoming more and more expensive.

While some may argue that college is becoming unnecessary because of its unaffordability,  it will be a lot harder to maintain a family, house and car with only an hourly pay job.

If you pursue a degree earlier in life you are more likely to earn 1.8 times the amount a person with a high school diploma does, while those with doctorates and professional degrees earn more than double, according to the US Bureau of Statistics. This leaves many wondering what to do due to the fact that if you enroll in college you can earn more later but struggle earlier with less time to work and with acquiring debt. However, if you work earlier you can become stable earlier on, but it won’t last for long without a sufficient degree to work a higher paying job.

What is needed is for the cost of tuition to be lowered by the government. If we want the U.S. economy to improve by providing its citizens with the proper education and skill sets to create jobs and make more money, then we need to provide these opportunities by allowing more people to get the chance at going to college and receiving a degree.

With more people working lower paying jobs that require only a high school degree, there will be more demand for high skill set jobs like doctors and professionals.

When you see your parent on their own, working minimum wage, no college degree and seeing their struggles because they don’t have the opportunity to get a higher paying job to easily support their children, provide food, shelter and a safeenvironment, it makes one see the struggles of not having a college education and not being able to make enough money to support a family and makes them want change.

Families should not have to go through this and all citizens should be able to have access to an affordable education and be given a chance to succeed and thrive in life.  

There are also other accounts of peoples struggles between holding a job to get money or going to college and sacrificing their time. According to an article by NPR, they interviewed a high school graduate who postponed enrolling in college. Heworries that “if I go to school, I’m going to take time and I’m not going to have any money for things I need.” It causes a large dilemma because many high school graduates are afraid of acquiring debt.

According to a graph made by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis,it shows that student loan debt has climbed higher than both auto loans and credit card debt with only mortgage debt surpassing it by $12 trillion compared to student loans $1.7 trillion.

There is a lot of current debate about cutting college tuition. Many have argued that “Lowering tuition won’t help students because students already pay pretty low, pretty steady tuition rates,” according to an article published by Forbes. While this is a good point and while there has been a dramatization about the rising costs, it still does not refute that college debt is increasing substantially.

More students are enrolling in college than before and it is becoming unaffordable for many. In order to provide opportunities of success then college tuition must be lowered. If college tuition continues its increase, it will continue the increase of student loan debt and enrollments will suer and many young Americans will be stuck working low payingjobs and as the years progress many won’t have enough to purchase things like housing, schooling for their children and transportation.

It is essential that tuition is lowered so Americans across the country can have equal opportunities to succeed and live a prosperous life.