Schools should implement a four day week

During a five week school day, many students get handed loads of homework which leads up to stress during out of school hours. During the 1900’s schools had cut down their 11 months school year and shrunk it into 9. At this time they set the school days for 5 days a week.

They did this because they say it provides the best consistency and routine for children/teens to learn at a young age so that when they grow older they can be a pro at this life skill. But, that was then and as the years go on so does our way of life.

Over the years more than 80% of students in the United States felt some type of stress, while 34% felt depressed at times. This is a span during a 5 week school year. Many students have been struggling with finding a routine to handle since they have been receiving loads of work while having to deal with their out of school life.

The board of education should allow schools to have every Friday off during the school year. This will allow students to refresh and take their minds off from school for a full three days.

This can also be a perfect time to have more hangouts with family or friends, catch up on missing work, or even get your sleep since you barely get any during the school year. Having a four day school week would be very beneficial to students and even teachers.

According to education.seattlepi many students will benefit from having a four day week of school. During a full school week there will be many absences due to needing to take time off, but in a school in Seattle they moved the school weeks to only four days. They reported a 20% increase in attendance within a four day school week as well as, seeing an improvement in students academic performances and has seen a higher graduation rate over the past years.

When students are absent for a day, they end up falling behind in class and having only a day to check up. In my personal experience, I feel way more energized and ready for school when it’s a four week school day, but when it’s a five day week I feel like life is going so slow and I’m just trying to look forward to the weekend.

One thing that is really important to a student’s academic success is their teachers. Most students’ grades reflect on the performance of their teachers. According to, a recent study from Socorro Consolidated Schools has noticed a significant benefit after moving their days to four a week. Fridays are used for sports and other activities that students may have. Teachers have enough time to plan out a schedule for their students and don’t have to stress about school and family as much as they should. The Principal has noticed an increase of energy going into the school day since they have plenty of time during the weekend.

While many people would like to have a shorter week in school, many people believe five days a week will be better. A research by IPL.Org many students have been well on tests due to the fact they have more teaching on the topic. As well as, finding a routine for themselves since this is an everyday thing. Others may agree that parents who hold a busy schedule can’t manage to take care of their child when they have work on Fridays. Fridays are also the one time people have fun during work or school.

To conclude, schools should decrease the amount of days within the school week. There are many ways this can benefit students and the whole school community. If schools try this out for a month they can test the difference between four or five days then decide on which one is better.