Dogs should be allowed in Hinsdale’s stores and restaurants

With so many dining options available in downtown Hinsdale, many of which do not allow dogs, business and the Chamber of Commerce should reconsider their policies on welcoming dogs inside.

Taylor Levin

With so many dining options available in downtown Hinsdale, many of which do not allow dogs, business and the Chamber of Commerce should reconsider their policies on welcoming dogs inside.

About seven miles from downtown Hinsdale, I entered the doors of Yorktown Mall. I saw the chaos of all the store signs lit up in neon or pale colors, cursive or in all caps, mannequins with all sorts of clothing in the windows, escalators being occupied all throughout the mall. There was a crowd of people who did not give one glance towards me, but the one thing that looked up at me was the furry friend smiling and wagging its tail at me.

The owner was invested in her Iphone, still not looking up as her dog was tugging at his neon orange leash. I approached the dog, and it began jumping with excitement. I squatted to receive many kisses from him. I was pleased to be greeted with a smile by this dog just enough that it made my day.

Downtown Hinsdale is a very precious and beautiful town filled with cute boutiques and popular restaurants. The whole town contains historic architecture, lush landscaping and many Hinsdale citizens which keeps all the businesses successful. The Village of Hinsdale gets their town very involved with the holidays and events. They already have lights all around their trees and are getting ready for their annual Christmas walk.

Other than fun festivities in Hinsdale, the regular days just don’t seem lively. I believe that the Village of Hinsdale should allow dogs into Hinsdale’s stores and restaurants, as it would be beneficial to both dog owners and businesses.

Inviting dogs into stores and restaurants improves the overall health of humans. Many studies show that having pets around can lessen the symptoms of depression and help pet parents maintain a positive view on life. The New York Times states, “The human-animal bond bypasses the intellect and goes straight to the heart and emotions and nurtures us in ways thatnothing else can.” Having your dog with you can instantly change your mood for the better, and others who pet your dog.

When we interact with dogs, our oxytocin levels instantly go up. Since this is the hormone responsible for social bonding, it boosts our psychological well-being. In addition to helping your mood, dogs have a big impact on lowering stress levels. Itwas discovered that “93% of dog owners de-stress by walking their dog.” Because of this research, customers should be able to bring their dog into stores while on a walk with their dog. Along with stress, many employers work so hard throughout their shifts, all they would want during their long dayis to be greeted by a lovable canine.

Inviting dogs in stores and restaurants can improve their business. Seeing a dog in a shop instantly attracts another dog lover, following them into the store. Having a business allowing dogs would increase in word of mouth marketing, which would be successful for the business. Along with the attraction of dogs being allowed inside, businesses can provide waterbowls and treats to bring more customers in.

Some may argue that allowing dogs inside businesses would be unsanitary or they could cause damage to items. However, dog owners know how their canine behaves and can determine themselves if they should let them in stores themselves. Restaurants are still as hygienic as they were before, and adding dogs to the picture wouldn’t change that. As long as dogs and dog owners follow the rules, there is no harm including dogs inside. Some claim that “some dogs could be cleaner than the humans in an establishment.”

As there are some cons in allowing dogs into the restaurants and stores of Hinsdale, there are definitely advantages to allowing dogs inside. Dogs can increase the overall well-being of others, and create a loving environment for everyone. Life is simply better with dogs in it.