Powderpuff plays for Susan G. Komen foundation


Thursday night the junior and senior girls held their annual powder puff game at Dickinson Field in order to raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Junior and senior boys from the football team coached the girls.The event raised over $1,000.

The juniors dominated for the first half with a touchdown, for six points, and continued to press the seniors as they had a many of close calls involving touchdowns.  After the first half the seniors came back and scored a touchdown, but shortly after the juniors went back and scored another touchdown. But with eight minutes left to go the seniors managed score another touchdown to tie it up for 12-12.  The seniors faced tough competition, making the stakes to win even higher.

The money raised was the real highlight of the evening. The students paid $20 for their shirts and those who donated more money received a pink ribbon key chain.

During halftime, Maddie Beja, a captain of the senior’s team, made a speech about what a worthy cause breast cancer research is and shared some statistics, She said, “One  in eight people will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.”  She also shared her experiences with their grandma being diagnosed and cured of breast cancer.

The students knew they were there to raise money for the foundation. “The fact that it was for a good cause made it all the more fun,” senior Joy Abi-Monsour said.