Pommers come to the end of their football season


Both the freshman/sophomore and varsity poms teams have danced their last dance at a football game this season. They ended their year with a game against Downers Grove North on Oct. 14. Throughout the season, the pommers have formed a strong bond and are happy to look back on a great season, but they are also sad that the season is over.

Cayley Brenk, sophomore, really saw the bond be demonstrated during that last halftime routine. “Throughout the season we had learned to dance not as individuals, but truly as a team. When we walked on to the field to dance for the last time, we really danced for each other,” Brenk said. “Even though this was my first year on poms, I immediately felt like part of a family.”

The girls became closer than any of them thought they would be. “At first, we were the awkward girls at camp who didn’t know each other’s names. But then we became a thousand times closer by learning to really cooperate. By the end of the season we knew that we had made some friends that will last through all of high school,” Brenk said.

The pommers have danced their way through weeks of crowded football games, and some look forward to starting basketball season. Brenk, however, will have to wait until next year to dance again, as she is not doing basketball because it would interfere with her gymnastics season. Dancing on varsity will be a huge accomplishment for her. Brenk said, “Every single one of the varsity girls is so sweet and friendly. I know they always have a lot of fun together and being a part of that team would be so exciting!”

The pommers celebrated the end of the year with not only a banquet, but also an after-school pasta party on the day of the last game. Brenk said, “The best part of it was definitely blasting music and having a dance party while getting ready together!”