HC Pommers appear in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Recently, two Hinsdale Central Varsity Pommers danced in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. This was an exciting experience for Juniors Lily Quenneville and Madeline Engelking. They danced as a part of the Spirit of America program with 718 other girls, adding their talents to this annual parade in honor of Thanksgiving.

“We will probably never get a glance at Lily or Madeline, even with both families attending the parade,” said Engelking’s mother, Mrs. Kiki Engelking, “But at least we know that they are out there, somewhere in the midst of 100 plus girls—all dancing and smiling in a once of a lifetime experience.”

The performance was broadcast live on national television, making the experience both nerve-wracking and exciting for Quenneville and Engelking. They had a full itinerary in New York, which included attending a Broadway play and touring the Statue of Liberty in between rehearsals that could each last up to seven hours. A real highlight of the trip, besides the performance itself, was a surprise invitation to the Justin Bieber concert at Rockefeller Center.

“To receive a Macy’s jacket (that they have to wear all the time around New York), practice sweatshirt (to be worn at the actual outside parade practice), mandatory carry-on bag for travel, other miscellaneous items and an action packed itinerary filled with recreational activities between all sorts of practices of—getting all of that has made this adventure a reality,” said Mrs. Engelking, “Their costumes are a shiny Kelly green with black and silver accents, and a silver star for Macy’s in the center of the top. Their routine is based around athletics, the songs anyway—and maybe the Luvabulls’ and Dallas Cowgirls’ outfits.”