Cheerleading and poms come together

Cheerleading and poms come together

This year, basketball, cheerleading, and poms are combining their Senior Nights on Feb. 14. Besides recognizing the senior athletes on these teams, varsity cheerleading and poms will also be performing a routine together.

Senior Rachel Krauss, a football pommer and basketball cheerleader, can’t wait for this experience with her fellow teammates. “I’m really excited for this senior night because it’s the last routine I get to choreograph and perform,” Krauss said.

A tradition among the varsity cheerleaders is that the senior girls are the “flyers” in the routine, meaning they’re held in the air. “I flew in the Pack the Place assembly, and I can’t wait to fly again in senior night,” Krauss said. “Since I’m usually a base, flying is really exciting.”

The other members of the varsity teams, who are not seniors, are also looking forward to senior night. “I’m most excited to perform one final dance with senior pommers because I’m going to miss them a lot next year,” said Cara Tenerelli, junior.

Sophomore Jordan Wojczynski agrees. “Senior night is going to be really fun because of the basketball game and the routine we’re performing,” she said. “We’ve been working really hard, and I can’t wait to show everyone what we can do.”

The cheerleaders and pommers have been practicing together and apart for two weeks in preparation for this night. Since the combination of cheerleading and poms is a rare occurrence, the girls are enthusiastic. “This is a really unique and awesome experience for all of us,” Wojczynski said. “We all hope to make the seniors proud.”