Girls softball players muscle up

Girls hoping to make the varsity softball team have enrolled in weight training classes in an attempt to gain a competitive edge.

According to Lauren Daleen, junior, coaches Lee Maciejewski and Al Coppersmith recommended this course to strengthen the players. “Over the years, Central softball has become more competitive for that varsity spot. If we weight lift, we could gain strength and become better players,” Daleen said.

Although the weight training class is mostly male, the girls have adjusted.  “At first, we were all very skeptical and resistant. But we decided we were not going to put our starting positions on varsity on the line,” Daleen said.

United by the same drive, the girls have strived to go above and beyond. “We are all [here] for the same purpose. We’re just focusing overall on getting stronger and staying conditioned for this upcoming season,” said Alexa Heydenberk, senior.

The girls work on strengthening areas essential for softball. “Along with mainstream lifts like bench press and squats, we do specific lifts to strengthen areas most used in softball to avoid injury,” Daleen said.

To the players, the sacrifice of weight training is worth it. “Softball means a lot to us; we are dedicated and want to win. By taking weight training, we are one step closer to becoming the best we can be as a team,” Daleen said.