Boys cross country competes for state title


A series of decorated bikes rode from Central to Katherine Leggy Park in an attempt to raise awareness for sectionals by the boys cross country team.  This stunt, referred to as the Tour de Hinsdale, provided for a unique way to try to pack the event with students.  It may have contributed to the team’s success as they placed first overall in sectionals and will be moving onto to Peoria for the state finals this weekend.

Although the decorated bikes won’t be making a second appearance, spirits for Peoria are still high.

“Our goal is to win a trophy at state and we are projected to do so.  We have been working hard and expect it all to pay off,” said Patrick Leahy, junior.

For the most dedicated of cross country fans, there will be a fan bus taking students to Peoria this weekend.  Even though it won’t be decorated, attendance is still expected to be high.

“It’s almost like we have a target on our back, being the top spot,” said James Reilly, junior.  “Everyone is expecting there to be tough competition, and the all the teams know that they need to bring there a game to win.”

For those interested in attending the state meet, the fan bus will depart from Central on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 8:00 a.m. and will return at 7:00 p.m.