Boys tennis tournament in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Boys tennis tournament in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The boys tennis team is leaving this Thursday, March 17, for its annual trip to compete at a National Tournament in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Last year the team placed third, ending a winning streak that lasted nearly four years. Most would consider third place at a national tournament a tremendous accomplishment, but expectations for the Red Devil’s, who have won state the last four years, are just a tad bit higher than your average tennis team.

Members of this year’s team have a much more relaxed mentality this year though, as they have lost three of their top players from last year’s lineup who all play Division 1 tennis; Martin Joyce (Ohio State), Eddie Grabill (Dartmouth), and Lope Adelakun (Wisconsin). Because of this, the team is not even seeded in the tournament, both motivating the team to prove their worth, but also taking some of the pressure off to win.

“We aren’t seeded this year in the tournament because we lost three of our best players from last year so it takes some of the pressure off because we have nothing to prove,” said Nicholas Calzolano, senior. “We’re going to go in there and give it our best go and I’m confident we’ll come out on top.”

This tournament does not have any impact on Central’s schedule or ranking in Illinois.

“It doesn’t determine anything happening in our state, it’s more for like bragging rights and all that jazz,” said Will Thornton, senior.

Although both Calzolano and Thornton, two of the twelve players going on the trip, acknowledge the insignificance of the outcome, they both agree that this trip is crucial for team chemistry and building confidence going into the regular season.

“Competition is good for the development of our team and just the overall camaraderie,” Thornton said. “I expect for my team and I to play our best, to have a great time, and to create everlasting friendships.”

Stay tuned to see how the Red Devil’s perform in Chattanooga, Tennessee.