Devils fall to the Trojans


Provided by Patrick Graham

Senior Patrick Graham goes up for a basket during one of the games this season.

The Hinsdale Central Red Devils and the Downers Grove North Trojans squared off against each other in a tense game in the Hinsdale Central gymnasium. Although putting up a valiant effort, the Trojans ultimately won 53-43 over the Red Devils.

Both sides exchanged baskets as the game got underway, but no team was able to take a sizable lead. Yet the Trojans started to pull away around the halfway mark of the game and ended up winning by 10 points.

The Red Devils can be comforted by the fact that they performed well despite the outcome since multiple players stepped up to contribute on offense and defense.

As they enter the home stretch of the regular season, the Trojans will attempt to build on their excellent performance. With the victory, they raise their season record to 28-4 and will continue to be a strong candidate for a good seed in the upcoming championships.

Overall, it was a competitive game between two strong teams, and the spectators on both sides enjoyed watching both teams in action. The Red Devils will attempt to move past the loss in their next season, while the Trojans will strive to progress to the championship.