Students travel to the Ryder Cup


Last weekend students on the golf team watched the Ryder Cup in person.

The Ryder cup is a PGA tournament that is held every other year. It is a men’s tournament where team USA plays against team Europe.  This year team Europe beat the USA 14.5 to 13.5

Madelynn Swank, junior attended the Ryder Cup along with over 50,000 people in Medinah, Illinois. She saw fans from England dressed up as knights and leprechauns as well as a lot of red, white and blue.

Swank has also attended other major golf tournaments including the Solheim Cup and the BMW tournament.   “The Ryder Cup is a huge deal,” Swank said.

The Ryder Cup was an exciting experience for Swank, especially because she watches golf on TV, on a regular basis.   According to Swank, either way she watches golf, they both have their up and downs.  “It’s also different because at a tournament, you either stay on a hole and watch all the players come through or you watch a group,” Swank said.

“I watch golf on a regularly basis but there was absolutely no comparison between the Ryder cup and any other tournament on TV. Being able to see the players first hand was the best part, especially Rory Mcilroy,” said Mary Beaudin, senior.

“It was also really cool to know that having the Ryder Cup in Illinois might never happen again in my lifetime,” Swank said.