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Seniors win Powderpuff game

In the annual Powderpuff game Monday night, the seniors defeated the juniors 40-0 in one of the biggest wins in recent history, according to the night’s announcer.

However, many believe that the game is rigged in favor of the seniors.

“We had an interception, and they turned it over [to the seniors],” said Eliza Huber, junior.

“I think they rig the game because it’s the seniors’ last year,” said Allison Gelman, junior.

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The seniors themselves don’t completely deny these allegations.

“The seniors usually win, and there are rumors that the refs rig the game,” said Andrew Pyle, senior and coach for their team.

Regardless of the rivalry between the two grades, the participants remember the biggest reason for the event: to raise money for Hinsdale Hospitals Foundation’s Open Arms Breast Cancer Outreach Fund, which supports breast cancer patients. Students made money through the sale of t-shirts, headbands, pins, bumper magnets, and ribbon stickers. They also asked for donations from the community.

“Powderpuff is an event everyone looks forward to every year. The excitement helps us raise money for a great cause. It is a great way to spread awareness to our community,” said senior captain Sheerin Fathizadeth.

“Above all, this is for a good cause,” Eppen said.

During halftime, Fathizadeth and her co-captain Emma Harrison spoke to the crowd about the importance of raising awareness for breast cancer.

Additionally, students enjoy the comaraderie that comes with preparing for and being at the game. Before the game, the boys nominated from the football team to coach the girls run a few practices to teach the girls more about football.

“Before the game we run a few practices to teach the girls some basic offence and defense. We play with all the normal rules. Other than that, it’s with flags and we only use half the field. The game is also shorter, only ten minutes quarters,” Pyle said.

No matter the changes to the game or the rivalry, girls participate in Powderpuff to have fun.

“Its fun to be with your friends and act like a guy for a day,” said Lauren Denufbourg, junior.

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