Girls bowling gets the ball rolling


Girls bowling has begun, and its members have bright hopes for the season.

The girls agree that this year’s team has many assets, and that they have no trouble enjoying themselves. “I think the season is going to go really well because we have a lot of skilled bowlers on the team this year,” said Elizabeth Kelly, junior varsity bowler.

They also agree that their main focus is to not only enjoy themselves but improve their skills as well.  “We have a really great team that is a lot of fun. The girls bowling team is a great time: laid-back and stress-free. It isn’t all about winning to us, it’s about improving as a team and individually while having a fun time, although, a win here and there is great.” said Maggie Jablonski, varsity bowler and a captain.

“We have to work on being more consistent and just getting better and better every practice,” Kelly said.

Last year, the team experienced a significant victory. “While right now we have not had any meets yet, we’re looking better than any of the previous years so far. We’re looking to improve upon last year. Last year, we won our first varsity meet in several years against DGN. The entire team was really proud of this accomplishment. We hope that with this current team we’ll win even more meets and continue to get better in the years to come,” Jablonski said.