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Female student fights are on the rise

Patrick Foley

Girls are catching up to boys, in fist fights anyways. More and more girls are engaging in physical conflicts.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the frequency of  females fighting  has increased from 25-28 percent, and the number continues to climb each year. These conflicts are carrying into the school grounds. Even Central has witnessed this trend.

Out of all the students polled, 100 percent stated that all in-school fights they have either heard about or witnessed occurred between girls. Ben Norton, junior, can confirm this. “I have never seen a fight, or heard about a fight, between guys in high school,” Norton said.

So girls, why are we changing? We’ve always been dirty fighters, relying primarily on our words to pick a fight and wreak emotional pain, but it seems now we want more. We’re going for blood, literally.

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Yuna Han, junior, believes gossip is the primary source of tension between girls and is responsible for majority of girl-on-girl fights.

“One [girl] says something insulting about the other; the other gets hurt and confronts her. Sometimes we just can’t seem to think before we talk,” Han said.

Norton agrees, saying that “there tends to be less drama between guys.”

Now, I’m not saying that girls are going around school beating each other up every day. Central maintains a clean record, generally averaging one to two fights a year. However, girls are the main culprits for these occurrences.

What if we talked it out instead of using our fists? Communication is key, and clearing up misunderstandings can save people a lot of trouble. Engaging in a physical fight is bound to have more serious consequences, including a visit to the dean’s office and likely suspension.

Additionally, forget animosity; it’s not healthy to maintain negative feelings and keeping grudges. It hurts you more than it does for the other person. We’re Hinsdale Central, a school of character, and let’s keep it that way.

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