Savory summertime recipes

The summertime seems to carry along its own cuisine, which is often associated with fresh fruits, colorful foods, and outdoor barbecues. Here is a collection of recipes to jumpstart your summer meals.

To Start With:

After a long day out in the sun, there’s nothing better than a cool glass of refreshing lemonade. Try raspberry lemonade for a fun twist on the classic drink.  Cinnamon chips with fruit salsa pair well with raspberry lemonade for a quick-fix snack.


If you are looking for a bit more food, salads can be great options for lunch or dinner. The all-American classic coleslaw makes for a traditional side dish.  If you want to be a little more adventurous with your food, try a strawberry and feta salad  or a tropical salad with pineapple vinaigrette for a light summery side dish.

An Italian bread salad can provide more substance and be more filling if you’re looking for a salad with more substance.


As summer approaches, so does barbecue season. This recipe for barbecue ribs calls for the grill and a warm evening on the back patio. If you want a lighter option, try something that takes advantage of fresh produce. Enjoy a sweeter entrée with apricots by following the recipe for chicken with apricot sauce. For those with a savory palette, try cooking up some summer vegetable crepes.


The summer season has the ripest fruit, so those with a sweet tooth should take advantage of it. Try lemon bars, cherry nectarine crisp  , blueberry pie, or a honey-drizzled berry tart for a treat. To make it even better, stop by the local farmers’ market for the freshest fruit.