Non-football sports fumble for attendance

I am the first to admit I am not a big fan of football. I will never claim to understand a first down, a second down, or even a touchdown, nor do I enjoy watching people tackle each other on the turf. Personally, I prefer to watch other sports such as baseball and soccer, yet I have attended more of Central’s football games than both of these sports combined.

It is no secret that Central varsity football draws in more attendance than any of the other 30 boys’ and girls’ sports teams. The real question is why.

“Football is the traditional American sporting event,” said Elliott Arnold, a junior on the boys’ varsity swim and diving team. “It’s just where everyone is. People go to socialize.”  Grant Labedz, a sophomore on the boys’ junior varsity golf team was in agreement. “A lot of people go to football games, so [those people] want to be with a lot of people,” Labedz said.

Students also have theories as to why few students can be found at other sporting events choose to go.“[Students attend other sports] because they enjoy the sport and they want to watch it,” said Katie Grant, a sophomore on the girls’ junior varsity swim team and softball team. “Maybe their friends are in [the sport].”

Casey Irwin, junior, admitted she had only ever attended one sporting event other than football. “I went to one basketball game because my friend wanted me to,” Irwin said.

Though it is unsettling that the sporting event attendance at Central is so unbalanced, the saddest part could be that other athletes don’t seem to care.

“[It does not bother me] because when people go to football games, they don’t actually watch them,” Grant said.

Labedz even sided with the students who do not come to watch the golf team. “I don’t blame them,” Labedz said. “Golf is kind of boring to watch.”

According to students, the main reason why football seems to draw in more people is because it is better advertised. “I never know what’s going on when, so maybe [the school] could announce [other events],” Arnold said.

Perhaps, if given the same advertising attention as football, other sports could bring in similar crowds.