Boys’ Cross Country wins state

Billy Magnesen, senior, hears the announcer say, “Hinsdale Central is looking great,” as he crossed the state finish line in ninth place. Magnesen personally achieved the all-state honors title.

Boys’ Cross Country won the state title this weekend at Detweiller Park in Peoria. This is the first time, in Red Devil History, that cross country won the state title.

Emmett Scully, senior, states they prepared for state not putting a lot of pressure on themselves. “We knew that we had potential to win, but we really we wanted to just give it our all and if we got dead last then so be it,” Scully said.

The morning of the meet Christopher Brenk, sophomore, describes it as a quiet time to focus on the meet and prepare for it mentally.

“Right before the race the top seven runners looked each other in the eyes and agreed that none of us would let each other down, and during the race we stayed strong because we believed that we could do something that Hinsdale Central has never done before,” Brenk said.

Going into the meet Brenk’s personal goal was to finish in the top 50 and he achieved that goal by finishing 43. Throughout the meet people were cheering and screaming on the sidelines, encouraging runners to keep going.  The team’s goal this year was to win a trophy, but Brenk states after they won the Hornet Red Devil Invitational they realized they had more potential.

“This season was truly a dream, and I couldn’t have written a better ending to it. I’m so proud to say I was part of the first Hinsdale central Cross Country team to win state, and hope that the legacy we leave behind will make the program one of the strongest in the state,” Magnesen said.