Girls’ basketball loses in close match to LT

Central lost to Lyons Township High School in the last quarter of the game 63-67. The Devils maintained a strong lead in the first half of the game. They scored their first two points in only a few seconds of the game.

Throughout the entire first quarter of the game there were aggressive, physical fouls were called on both teams, resulting in many free throws. Payton Katich, junior, continued to make her free throws, as seen in previous games. Although the girls had many fouls called on them, they continued to hold a strong defense.

In the third quarter, the Devils became more comfortable with their lead and fell back, allowing LT to catch up to them. This was the first quarter LT became tied with Central.  In the past, Rush has had many three pointers significantly helping the team. However, last night she struggled to make the shots.

LT slowly caught up to the Devils in the fourth quarter and eventually gained the lead. Many of the points LT made were from fouls called on the Devils due to double bonus. Seniors Emily Wasz, Jenna Broz, Abby Gurka, and Maddie Roglich were fouled out during the end of the game. Gabrielle Rush was also fouled in the end. This cost the team many points.

Overall, it was an exciting game with the Pep Band keeping the energy in the atmosphere. However, it was unfortunate the Devils lost after having the lead for the majority of the game.