Boys’ basketball defeats LT


“You can’t read,” and “Yes we can,” are just some of the chants that the enthusiastic fans were shouting. Parents, teachers, students, and middle school students supported Hinsdale Central against Lyons Township, during the Boys’ Basketball game. The heated rivalry continued after the game as punches were thrown at Central students.

Central boys’ basketball team defeated Lyons Township 48-45. LT conquered the first quarter of the game leading the game 14 to 5, but the Red Devils were able to regain the lead in the second quarter and carried the lead through the fourth quarter.

In the first quarter, Central was unable to make crucial shots, where LT continuously made baskets. Grant Lillard, senior, made the first two points for Central keeping the energy alive between the team. Central kept possession of the ball with fast passes.

Central gained the lead in the second quarter. Free throws from Matt Rafferty, junior, and Chase Hamilton, senior, helped Central lessen the gap between LT. A three pointer from George Kiernan, junior, put Central ahead at 21- 20.

In the third quarter, Central was able to maintain the lead. LT passed the ball around more to try to keep Central from possessing the ball with the tight defense Central held.

In the fourth quarter, LT began catching up. Points from Hamilton, Rafferty, and Ives kept the lead. With 20 seconds left to go there was only a two-point lead for Central. The rivalry from both teams heightened as the game finished. Two points made during a penalty shot from Jordan Bradshaw, junior, secured the game for Central.