Senior dress day causes stir


Senior dress day is the day I’ve been waiting for, and senior year is the year to outdo all preceding years. The last three years of my life? An utter bore compared to what senior year is supposed to be like. Great memories of senior year await: turning 18 and becoming an adult, applying and getting into college, senioritis, prom, senior pranks, graduation, and of course, senior dress days.

To kick it off, the day after our beloved seniors graduate and become college freshmen, there is a tradition of having a senior dress day along with a tailgate in the senior lot (despite the fact that we still haven’t completed finals and thus aren’t seniors yet).

For juniors, this Friday is arguably the most important dress day, even over toga day. The dress day is the first thing we do as a senior class, and how we act on our dress day defines us as a class. We can either be passionately united for the rest of the year, or doomed with half-hearted spirit on every Friday next fall.

The previous seniors have thought of quite original, humorous themes for their first dress days. Everyone remembers Duck Dynasty of the Class of 2014. The year before that was country club themed.

But some juniors (or should I say soon-to-be seniors) are not happy with what the Class of 2015 has voted on for Friday: beach day/tacky tourist. Rachel Thompson, junior, said, “I wish we had done something more creative like last year’s Duck Dynasty theme.”

Junior Claire Peacock agrees. “It’s not the best idea we could come up with for our first dress up day; I think we could’ve done something more ‘out there.’”

Another concern is how some people will take the dress day in the wrong way and show up with barely any clothing. See through cover-ups with bikinis, I am willing to bet, will happen, and it will be interesting to see if the administration does anything.

On the bright side, beach day is simple and something everyone can do. How hard is it to put on sunglasses, and who doesn’t own water gear? Since it unites us as a class, the dress day should be as effortless as possible, which is why I was relieved to see that the clever “senior” citizens idea didn’t win. Peacock said of “senior” citizens idea, “It seems like a cop out, and I can’t see everybody getting into that one as much.” I couldn’t agree more. How many people own turtlenecks and a cane? But it can be very cute if people go all out with things like floaties and inner tubes.

And let’s use airport day as an example of a failed theme from the Class of 2013. Nobody knew what to wear besides normal, comfy clothes. There were a few suitcases through the halls and many more underclassmen wondering why. I don’t think beach day can turn into that, and I hope that none of the other dress day ideas become ones that are too hard and confusing, although at the time seemingly creative.

There were some quality ideas on the Facebook group in which the junior voted on, and hopefully some of ideas will show up in the fall, such as safari day.

There are others that didn’t even make it into the polls that I loved, like Kentucky Derby. Not sure exactly where this idea is from, but I heard it from my friend, junior Hanna Suek, who said her lunch table was brainstorming ideas that they would have liked to see over beach day. If only they can reach out to someone on the board, or the student body president (Toni, if you happen to see this- Derby Day pleeeeeaasseeee!) to get their ideas heard.

Thompson liked the idea of Kentucky Derby “It would’ve been awesome to see everyone wearing weird hats,” she said. And it wouldn’t be hard for people to participate in, which, as I said before, is crucial.

Overall, I am pumped for my first senior dress up day, and I feel like some girls have been planning their outfits since the theme was decided. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. With everything from Hawaiian shirts, leis, and cameras, to goggles and a lifeguard uniform, I am optimistic that it won’t be a flop.

I heard that during senior year, the class become so much closer and people discover many new friends through things like dress up days, sunrises and sunsets, assassins, and leaving; Friday’s dress up day, whether or not it pleases everyone, starts this bonding process.