Cida Thai delivers authentic Thai food


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Tucked away in a strip mall on LaGrange Road, Cida Thai delivers some of the most delicious and authentic Thai food around.

From the moment we stepped inside, we were overwhelmed by the aroma of freshly cooked and spiced Thai cuisine. The restaurant itself had an ambiance of a culturally, traditional Asian restaurant, with a friendly staff ready to greet their customers right at the door.   The moment we sat down, we got this feeling of comfort, as if we were eating at the house of a very close friend.

They do a great job adding the small things that contribute to an overall friendly feel. Located at the corner of each table, there is a small glass of M&Ms and Dum Dum Pops that provide a small dessert snack for the car ride home or an ambitious appetizer depending on your personal sweet tooth. We went for the latter.

If you decide to hold off on the M&Ms, the vegetable spring rolls proved to be a solid option as an appetizer. They have a crispy texture, and the vegetables are perfectly complemented by the sweet and sour sauce.

We decided on two separate but similar dishes for our entrees: the Thai fried rice with chicken, both spicy and mild. The difference between the two variations was much more extreme than we expected; the mild fried rice was classic and delicious, while the spicy version was a much more intense culinary experience. In both dishes, the vegetables were steamed to perfection, providing for a crisp, yet still moist texture. The grilled chicken was steaming hot, cut into thin strips and served juicy as well. While both dishes were extravagant, the rice was over salted, and the oil was used very liberally, but the quality of the ingredients were definitely enough to shine through these minute imperfections.

Two teenagers can easily eat here for under $20, and the portions are quite large. Be ready to take home a to-go bag, and bring it to lunch the next day. For a reasonable price, Cida Thai provides authentic food for both those looking to exit their comfort zone, and those wanting to stay within it. The spicy fried rice provided for a daring adventure, while the classic fried rice was everything we’re used to. Who’s to say what’s better?