Seniors stress over early application deadlines


Julia Guglielmo

Christi Carras, senior, visits the common application website, a place seniors have become very familiar with over the past weekend, for better or for worse.

The dreaded day has arrived. The guidance office is packed with students looking for last minute recommendation letters, transcript request forms, or editing help. Yes, it is college application season at Central, and it is chaos.

Rachael McCann, senior, has a countdown of six days. McCann submitted her last two applications on Oct. 27.

“I work better when I cram, but I still sat with my completed applications for about a week,” McCann said.

McCann has seven applications, and although they are done, she described her stress level as a “10 out of 10.”

Jori Tuthill, senior, has a countdown of one day. Tuthill had six applications due on the dreaded day, and so far has four done. With two more to go, Tuthill is in full on work mode.

“Obviously, it is better to finish early, but I crammed,” Tuthill said. “But I work better when I cram.”

She is applying to one school early decision, but that does not mean she can slack on the other applications.

“I am going home to finish my last applications today, but so are some of my other friends.” Tuthill said. “I proofread and then press submit.”

No doubt Nov. 1 is one of the most stressful days of senior year, especially at Central. Just think of it this way, the seniors are one step closer to figuring out their futures, a realization that can leave the senior class both daunted and excited. More importantly, they are closer to that second semester. Good luck to all the seniors, and may the odds be ever in their favor.