Q-BBQ provides classic barbecue at a slightly inflated price


Liam Jones

The Q-Style Sandwich didn’t disappoint.

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Located on the busy metropolis that is LaGrange Road, Q-BBQ is a perfect and quick place to stop and grab a bite to eat if you’re in the LaGrange area. The menu spans an array of delicious plates expected at a classic barbecue restaurant. From ribs to pulled pork, every dish is their strong suit.

Let’s start with our entree of choice at Q, the pulled pork sandwich. We tried both the plain (with North Carolina Vinegar Sauce) and “Q Style”, which includes cole slaw and smoked Gouda cheese. For those looking to stay in their comfort zone, the North Carolina sauce gives you a little bit of spice without overpowering the natural taste of the barbecue pork.

The “Q style” sandwich was delicious and had a little something extra for those on the more adventurous side. The coleslaw was cold and creamy, but it was the bun that really pulled the sandwich together. It was perfectly grilled to a light brown and very firm. Unlike those of some other BBQ joints, the bun didn’t instantly become soggy minutes into the meal.

Q-BBQ also provides a plethora of side options. One of the favorite options are the hush puppies. They are extremely addicting and, be warned, it will be hard to limit yourself to the side quantity of two. Despite being a tad on the dry side, the crispy texture and hot inside made them a great choice. We also decided to go for the bacon macaroni and cheese, for a $1.50 upgrade. This side was salty and cheesy but came out a little bit cold. The bacon was crunchy and plentiful and did not disappoint.

For $30, Q-BBQ was more expensive than other restaurants at which we have eaten on our student budget, but you truly do get what you pay for, the quality being well worth the extra price. If ever you find yourself in La Grange, don’t pass up the opportunity to get some authentic barbecue and, most importantly, bring a bib along with those few extra dollars.