Edmond trains in effort to achieve wrestling state title


courtesy of Juwan Edmond

Senior Juwan Edmond is declared winner at recent wrestling match.

Juwan Edmond, senior, walks out onto the wrestling mat for practice, knowing he needs to train harder than ever if he wants to achieve his ultimate goal – the wrestling State Title.

Edmond has had three extremely successful years at Central, but lacks the championship that he has trained for.

“Freshman year I ended up making it to state and placing 5th,” Edmond said. “Sophomore year I made it to finals but lost. Junior year I came into the state tournament 44-1 and expected to win state, but I lost in the quarterfinals.”

To many, Edmond’s accolades would be considered sufficient for a high school career – however, he is hungry for the one thing missing from his repertoire.

“There is only one thing that motivates me to wrestle every day,” Edmond said. “That one thing is my opportunity to win state.”

Even though his goal hasn’t yet been achieved, Edmond doesn’t plan on changing his routine that has been successful so far.

“To go to state I need to do the same things I have done since my freshman year,” Edmond said. “However, simply getting there is not my goal.”

Despite Edmond’s great odds, the opponents he faces this year will not be easy. He understands that many have a lot of experience and skill.

“Sophomore year, I beat the number one kid in the state,” Edmond said. “That gave me confidence. For me to win state this year, I have to work harder than anyone else that I’ll have to wrestle.”

Edmond, who is coming off of a successful football season, has four years of varsity experience. Factors like experience contribute greatly in wrestling.

“With three years behind me I feel more ready than ever,” Edmond said. “It helps to have been wrestling at this level for a long time.”

For Edmond’s wish of a state title to ring true, relentless training will be required. He acknowledged that until he gets to state, he plans to train every moment he gets.

“I can’t afford to take any days off,” Edmond said.