Dress up days take on the basketball season

Central hasn’t always been known for its school spirit in the past, but students rose to prominence this year with their level of support for school teams in the fall season. The whole student body crowded together for every football, soccer, cross country, and golf event that they could and created unsurpassed attendance and spirit.

The senior class board is encouraging the level of support to continue into the winter season by reinstating senior dress up days for every basketball game.

No other senior class has continued the dress up days after the fall season, another reason showing how school enthusiasm has reached new heights this year.

“It allows the seniors to fully embrace school spirit in their last year at Central and unites us as a class,” said Devyn Callen, senior.

Seniors are all for continuing the dress up days, although many have doubts on how creative the ideas will be.

“The themes are going to be hard because a lot of easy ones were used for football,” said Grant Hutcherson, senior and basketball player.

Many of the upperclassmen credit the zeal for the dress up days to Senior Class Board President Jake Hyland for his upbeat posts on the senior class Facebook page every week. It reminds the students what the theme for the week is, while also encouraging participation.

“The weekly comical post from Jake Hyland gets people pumped about the dress days which leads to people coming out to the games,” Hutcherson said.

Although basketball and football are considered the big sports at the school, many seniors think the dress up days aren’t only to bring pep for those teams but for all of the winter sports.

“There are so many other teams that aren’t recognized and appreciated as much. We should continue the dress up days to help promote the sports and hopefully bring a big crowd to the games,” Callen said.

With the continuation of senior dress up days, the school spirit should last for a long time, especially for the soon-to-be graduates.

“It’s the end of our high school career. Let’s do it big,” Hutcherson said.