Trivia crack app goes viral at Central – how long will it last?


Christi Carras

Michael Claussen, junior, plays Trivia Crack, an addicting app that has taken over Central.

Over the course of the past two weeks, Trivia Crack, an app that tests basic trivia knowledge in various categories, ranging from sporty facts to historic events, has become the latest fad at Hinsdale Central. The average Central student has likely spent more time on this app than actually studying – in fact, a majority of trivia crack users can’t seem to get enough of the game and play during passing periods, study halls, lunch, or any other break in the school day. As with any new obsession, there are multiple pessimists who doubt that the fad will last. I am one of them.

“The game is fun, but I think it will get really old really fast,” said Doug Kramer, junior. “These types of things always fade out.”

I agree with Kramer. Even though the game has gone viral in the blink of an eye, people, especially those at Central, tend to go overboard on the things they like. I don’t see this being any exception.

However, there are some students who disagree with me.

“The game isn’t going to become unpopular because people are constantly creating questions into the system,” said Jordan Bradshaw, senior. “The game makes it so that questions are constantly being created so they don’t overlap.”

Many people share the same idea as Bradshaw, but I have already gotten two questions overlapped on the game and expect many more. The game possesses too many flaws to stay around forever.

Though I am amazed at how quickly Trivia Crack has spread around the school, I think that students will get bored. Similarly to a game in the past named Quiz Up which fizzled out, I believe that it is inevitable that boredom will soon arouse with Trivia Crack as well.

So, hats off to the makers of Trivia Crack for creating a game that had mass popularity just days after being released – however, don’t expect the fad to last long.