Hinsdale Hypes Up to Beat LT


Hinsdale Central students demonstrate their spirit at last year’s LT football game

For more than 100 years, Hinsdale Central and Lyons Township have been known for their intense rivalry. Both schools boast impressive student sections, with their strongest showings at the cross-town match ups. This year is expected to be no different as the schools prepare to face each other on Dickinson Field at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Oct. 9.

Going into the game, Hinsdale Central and LT are tied for second place in the WSC (silver), each with a record of 5-1, only behind the undefeated Glenbard West and OPRF. Every game is very important in determining team standings, which is another reason both the players and students are extremely excited.

“I think our team matches up well with LT, and both teams will be ready to go,” said Doug Kramer, senior player.

Football games typically have sold out sections for Red Devil Nation, the fan section for Central.
Colleen Martucci
Football games typically have sold out sections for Red Devil Nation, the fan section for Central.

The hype surrounding the game has largely been built up by student council, who are aiming to put a more positive spin on the rivalry.

“In the past, it’s been more of an attack between the two schools. The hype is still there, but it’s more friendly this year, which I think is a good thing,” said Alison Albelda, junior.

Year after year, the social chairs of each school lead the student sections in a slightly friendly competition between the student sections. This year is no different from the others, led by student leaders Eamon McMahon, Eric Foley, and Jimmy Lee, seniors.

“I hope to help make a memorable season for our fans,” McMahon said.


The theme for tonight’s football game is a blackout, which is being encouraged by the student council’s sale of black t-shirts benefitting Feed My Starving Children. In addition, LT and Central are competing to collect money for breast cancer research. The winning school which raised more money will get to ‘pie’ the opposing team’s principal during the game.

One of the biggest ways in which Hinsdale Central has generated support is with the popularity of “Red Devil Nation,” led by social chairmen McMahon and Foley. Recently they released a video, which you can watch here, designed to hype up Central students and intimidate the opponent.

In previous years, rival games have been known to get somewhat out of hand with incidents of violence and vandalism. Both schools are hoping to cut down on this element of the competition by allying with one another and working together for causes such as the breast cancer fundraiser. However, this is not expected to stop students from their usual rowdiness.

“A lot of students are talking about the game. There’s a lot of announcements being made about student section themes and buying tickets early,” said Matt Phillips, LT junior.

LT students hope to create a positive atmosphere when they travel to Central tonight.

“We’ve organized a fan bus, and there’s also talk of a tailgate, which is new this year,” said Kevin Gomez, LT junior. 

The ultimate goal for Hinsdale Central is to not only win the game on Friday, but to see as many students as possible supporting the team.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Mckenna Ryan, a junior cheerleader. “We have a new routine we are performing, and really want to see a win for the boys. It’s an amazing atmosphere when everyone comes out.”