Loving lacrosse


Natalie Niesen

Kendall Napier, sophomore at Hinsdale Central, is a varsity lacrosse athlete at Hinsdale Central and a national travel-team player for Lakeshore Lacrosse.

Focusing on her offense position, attack, sophomore Kendall Napier spends an average of five days a week devoting practice and game-time to lacrosse. Napier has been a lacrosse player since she was in the sixth grade.  She first began as a member of Illinois Girl’s Lacrosse Association (IGLA).

“I love the speed of the game.  Everything happens fast,” Napier said.

On a team of 23 girls, Napier is a starter for mainly attack and occasionally midfield.

She practices on Wednesdays and Saturdays with her travel team, Tuesdays and Thursdays with an instructor for semi-private lessons, and has off-season Hinsdale Central practice and conditioning.

“Pretty much all of my free time after school is devoted to lacrosse,” Napier said.  “I usually start my homework when I get home from school.  I then continue to do it until I have to leave for practice.”

Napier was invited to play up on the Central Varsity team last school year, and her future goals include aiming for a permanent position on the Varsity team for the rest of her high school career. Napier also plans on pursuing lacrosse in college.

“I love the teams that I have the privilege to play with.  Everyone is supportive and brings a positive attitude toward the game,” Napier said.

To keep the lacrosse team running efficiently, it takes continuous communication between teammates.  Libby Hooten, sophomore, has played with Napier since their earlier league, IGLA.

“Having Kendall on our team is a huge asset,” Hooten said.  “She’s super reliable and overall a well-rounded, strong player.”

Napier will try out in March of 2016 for a permanent spot on the Central Varsity team.  The team has limited positions, making it a competitive yet rewarding opportunity.

“Lacrosse is rewarding because I work hard to improve my skills and overall performance the whole season,” Napier said.

Napier practices lacrosse year round and hopes to continue playing it in college.
Natalie Niesen
Napier practices lacrosse year round and hopes to continue playing it in college.