Spring sport athletes to continue season post-graduation


courtesy of HC Athletics

While seniors will soon walk this field at graduation on May 19, some will likely return to it post-graduation to continue spring sports given the new school schedule this year.

Due to the early date of this year’s graduation, May 19, many spring sport athletes will continue their athletic season after they have officially graduated from high school. Central switched the school schedule, moving final exams to before winter break, which ultimately led to the earlier graduation date.

“It’s going to be weird to be practicing and playing after graduation,” said Eric Stephens, senior baseball player. “I’m a bit angry with the fact that the season drags out that far.”

Stephens, along with other athletes, isn’t thrilled with the fact that they will have to return to the school as their peers can celebrate graduation and the commencement of summer.

“I see it as unfair,” said Eamon McMahon, senior volleyball player. “It’s almost as if our school year is extended, which doesn’t make sense.”

The issue resides with the fact that so many seniors get to finish on May 19, while a small number of athletes will not feel the same excitement after graduation.

Regardless, many students not in spring sports have shown positive reactions to the earlier graduation date.

“I love the fact that we end in mid-May,” said Bryan Loebig, senior. “I feel bad for the spring sport athletes, but when it comes to sports, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”