Print staff shares their favorite Vines


Courtesy of The Verge

With the announcement of Vine’s sequel app, V2, many students are excited to see more comedic content.

As promised in the January issue of Devils’ Advocate magazine, here is an official list of the print staff’s favorite Vines to celebrate the app’s return:

1. “I smell like beef”

2. “Is that a chicken?”

3. “Dopamine dude!”

4. “Is that real?”

5. “Judas, no!”

6. “I’m home from college”

(Also known as “How Jayne Gelman, senior and design editor, interacts with her father”)

7. “Way to go, Paul!”

8. “We all die”

9. “Dad who wants his son to be Hannah Montana”

10. “Sarah, the grapes!”

11. “More like Hurricane Tortilla!”

12. “I thought you were American”

13. “#ReadYourBible”

14. “And read her Torah”

15. “Road work ahead?”


17. “Get down to the funky sound”

18. “Hahaha, I do that!”

19. “You know what that means”

20. “Can I get a waffle?”

21. “He needs some milk!”