Transitioning into the school year with Owl and Lark


Lana Jawich

This smoothie is called “Green Energy” and has many health benefits because of its main ingredients being spinach, an avocado, and an apple.

It can be hard transitioning into the new school year, but one way to ease the stress is finding the perfect atmosphere to study. Owl and Lark, in La Grange, is one of the most popular student destinations, especially for its cozy atmosphere.

Unlike many cafes in the Hinsdale and La Grange area, Owl and Lark is well known for its nutritious food, which includes energy boosting juices, healthy smoothie bowls, and of course, high-quality coffee.

“The atmosphere makes it unique because the decorations are pretty different and the drinks as well,” said Margarita Ayar, Owl and Lark employee.

Lana Jawich
Owl and Lark is decorated simply and offers comfortable seating options for studying.

I went on a Wednesday after school and found it unbelievably easy getting into the studying-mode with the contemporary soft and quiet music playing in the background. The employees were quick to take your order, and even quicker to make it.

I ordered a smoothie called “Green Energy” which includes spinach, avocado, apple, cucumber, mint, and lemon. It’s the perfect drink to keep you going, especially when you have loads of homework and studying ahead of you.

There are also other menu items for those who aren’t into greens. Most people almost always go for a latte or smoothie bowl, which are known to be the most popular items on the menu.

“My go-to drink is always their lattes,” said Melany Morales, junior. “I love how it never fails to fill me up and that their ingredients are fresh as well.”

The store closes at 7:00 p.m. and gets most crowded at night, right before closing.

“I recommend people going right after school because there’s always almost no one at that time,” said Nidhi Gopagani, senior. “But even if you go later on there will still be plenty of room.”

Owl and Lark is located at 41 S. La Grange Road, La Grange, Ill.